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X-Italy Virtual Airlines comes from the idea to provide a good X-Plane native Virtual Airline. Our colors represent Italy and the letter "X" our favourite flight simulation platform.

Our Company is one of the youngest of the Web, and we aim at providing flexibility and ease of use following at the same time the basic Company Regulations.

Virtual pilots willing to fly for VAs generally require to be part of an organised and friendly environment whose structure resembles that of real counterparts, BUT their main need remains the same: flying. With this in mind our dispatchers made available a good number of routes based on 13 italian hubs (to be increased), with departing flights to almost all Europe. We have one of the best long-term project among the active VAs, with the future opening of new European hubs and of the Low Cost and Long Haul Carrier Departments.

Our pilots are not required to install any ACARS application, they only need to fly online in the well known Networks IVAO or VATSIM and file the Pilot Report (PIREP). Our goal is to have fun without too many restrictions, that’s why it takes only a few flights per year to keep an account alive.

It's not easy to describe ourselves with only one word, but if we were to choose it would be "family".

Our main features:

Extensive Fleet

Our Virtual Airline is not conncted to any realworld airlines, so our fleet has been created to meet our pilots requirments.

Updated Route Network

We think that one of the most important thing when flying in a Virtual Airline is having detailed route that meets the actual airspace requirements.

Flight School

A lot of peaple discover every day tghe flight simulation world, but, often, they are scared by all the knowladge required to fly online. We offers you a lot of different level training courses.

Custom Liveries

Flying in a Virtual Airlines means being part o a family, and each family as it's coulor and liveries. We arent' different! Matteo Baiocchi (MB Liveries) has made a lot of stunning liveries for our "big family".

Online Flight Support

Flying with lifght simulators all alone may be annoying, but by flying online with ATC coverage you won't be annoyed for shure. We support online flight on both Vatsim and Ivao network, so all you will have to do is fly online and provide us your flight number. Done!

Flight Comunity

As said before a Virtual Airline, some times, becames also a "big family" of peaple with your same passion. Our aim is to make this happen for our Virtual Airline. So if you have a technical problem or a doubt about some flying rules, our "big family" will help you for sure.

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